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Advanced American Scrape Oboe Reeds

Intermediate to advanced level reeds.

American Scrape Oboe Reeds

Beginner to intermediate level reeds.

Baroque Bassoon Tube Cane

Medir, 26-27mm and 27-28mm tubes.

Concave/beveled Reed Knife

Right or left hand. Ebony handle.

Double Bevel Reed Knife

Ebony Handle

Double Hollow Ground Reed Knife

Cocobolo, Ebony, Rosewood and Violet handles

Gouged Oboe Cane

Cane from around the world processed in our shop.

Medir 5 Edge Reamer - Bassoon

5 cutting edges, tapered

Medir Combination Pliers

With wire cutter, and forming hole

Medir Contrabassoon Mandrel

46mm length mandrel tip

Medir Contrabassoon Reamer

Multi-fluted, tapered

Medir Convex, Plastic Bassoon Plaque

Black and transparent red

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