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21 Gauge Brass Wire

1/4 and 1/2 lb spools. Starting at $10.95.

22 Gauge 3" Cut Brass Wire

1, 2, and 4 oz packages. Factory straightened and cut. Starting at $4.95.

Bassoon Reed Cases

Available in 5 colors. Holds 8 reeds.

Bassoon Reed Vial

Caps and plugs in four colors
From $0.25

Bonazza Bassoon Tube Cane

France, Var region

Clamp for Reeds 'n Stuff Machines

Clamp for securing select Reeds 'n Stuff reed making machines.

Gouged/Profiled Bassoon Cane

Cane processed by 6 of the world's leading growers.

Hygrocase for Bassoon

Holds 10 bassoon reeds

Medir 5 Edge Reamer - Bassoon

5 cutting edges, tapered

Medir Convex, Plastic Bassoon Plaque

Black and transparent red

Medir Reed Knife - Concave/beveled

Right or left hand

Medir Reed Knife - Double Hollow Ground

Cocobolo, Ebony, Rosewood and Violet handles

Medir Spiral Reamer - Bassoon

Multi-fluted, tapered

Pre-gouged Bassoon Cane

Cane from around the world processed in our shop.

Reed Tip Cutter - Patrizi

Solutions by Patrizi Tip Cutter for Bassoon/Baroque Bassoon

Reed Tip Cutter - Rieger

Rieger Tip Cutter for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Baroque Bassoon

Reed Tip Cutter, Special Edition - Rieger

Special Edition Rieger Tip Cutter for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Baroque Bassoon