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Baroque Bassoon Tube Cane

Medir, 26-27mm and 27-28mm tubes.

Clarinet Tube Cane

Tubes from 3 growers

Contrabassoon Tube Cane

Tubes from 5 growers. From $1.59 to $2.74/tube.

Gouged Contrabassoon Cane

Cane processed by the world's leading growers.

Gouged Oboe Cane

Cane from around the world processed in our shop.

Gouged/Profiled Bassoon Cane

Cane processed by 6 of the world's leading growers.

Medir 5 Edge Reamer - Bassoon

5 cutting edges, tapered

Medir Bassoon Tube Cane, 23-24mm

Spain, northeastern coast
From $1.37